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“FM” SERIES OUTDOOR UNIT GWHD(24)ND3EO (208~230V/60Hz) SEER 22 (12k+18k Indoor)

Room Size: 1,000 – 1,250 sq. ft.

Heavy Gauge Steel Cabinet
Indoor Master/Slave Settings
Multi-point Diagnostics
Sound Levels down to 56 DB
No Refrigerant Distribution Boxes
R410A Refrigerant
Multi Condensate Ports
Low Ambient Cooling down to 5 deg F

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$2,272.00 $2,044.00


System Type :

Heat Pump

Power supply


Heating Capacity (Min Max) :

29,000 (7,500-35,000) Btu/h

Nominal capacity (BTU)

26,000 (7,500-33,000) Btu/h

Rated Current Cooling :

12.2 Amps

Rated Current Heating :

10.3 Amps

Operation Range Cooling :

0-118 deg F

Operation Heating Cooling :

-4~75 deg F

Compressor Type :

DC Inverter-driven Twin rotary

Sound Pressure Level :

59 dB(A)

Unit dimension (WxHxD) :

38.6×31.1×16.8 inches

Net/Gross Weight :

153/164 lbs

Condenser Coil type :

Copper/Aluminum with GOLD FIN Coating

Number of zones/rooms


Refrigerant/Charge :

R410A/77.6 oz.

Port Size (Liquid Gas/Suction) :

1/4″-3/8″, 1/4″-3/8″, 1/4″-3/8″ inch

Pre Charge Piping Length :

98 ft

Additional Refrigerant Charge :

0.2 oz./ft

Max. Total Piping Length :

98 ft

Max. Equivalent Length (Outdoor to last Indoor Unit) :

198 ft

Max. Elevation (Outdoorto Indoor Unit) :

66 ft


20 amp


35 amp



Mounting type

Wall Mount



Model family

Free Match



Equipment Type

Heat Pump


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