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Dutch brand OLMO
OLMO Industries Ltd. is a new generation HVAC equipment manufacturer. The newest engineering developments are implemented into techniques design. The basis of these developments – high-quality materials and technologies of tomorrow. The OLMO appliances are designed to perfectly match the demands and wishes of consumers. Stylish design, compactness, high energy efficiency and low noise level turn OLMO into the ideal choice for modern citizens.
Technology innovations were and still the main promotion for OLMO Industries enhancement, that follow newest development strategies and leading technologies to create comfort, energy efficient, reliable and easy-to-use equipment. OLMO air conditioners are manufacturing in close cooperation with Japanese corporations and inherit the best construction and design features.
Fast and strict operation creates a favorable environment for manufacturing HVAC equipment in short terms and save a high quality of OLMO products. The company offers uncompromising quality, reliability and durability of their appliances. The prime cost of Dutch brand air conditioning systems is made lower that competitors offer and it’s possible due to the newest time-saving engineering decisions provided on plants, where equipment is manufactured. Automated assembly and big volume of production have made equipment more available for costumers.
OLMO is equipment for the most of us. Therefore, it responds to highest quality standards, its price is affordable and staying on the level of inexpensive home appliances for the people.

Why OLMO is a great choice or Reasons to Buy
1. High profitability
Low level of power consumption; Increased by 28% heat dissipation;
2. Maximum efficiency
The high heat transfer coefficient; High power saving rate; New generation compressors.
3. Multi-level security system
Protection against cold air flows; Protection against overheating; Antifreeze protection; Corrosion prevention.

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