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Mini split systems

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Looking for climate control equipment that will provide clean and fresh air in many rooms, work properly for a long time and save your money? You found the right place. There is an extremely wide range of mini splits on Comfortside.

The Advantages of systems:
– zoning flexibility: the number of indoor units can be chosen depending on the number of zones
– Energy losses avoidance: saving energy up to 40%
– a compact size

Some outstanding features of offered equipment:
– Up to 23 SEER
– Special coating like Green Fin and Gold Fin protect systems from corrosion and harmful factors.
– Own thermostat in necessary zones
– No Refrigerant Distribution Boxes
– Low Ambient Cooling down to 5 deg F
– Sound Levels down to 56 DB
– Eco-friendly R410A refrigerant
– Indoor Master/Slave Settings
– Multi-point Diagnostics
– Multi Condensate Ports

Comfortside offers only high-quality and time-tested equipment from famous HVAC equipment manufacturers. Choose Console, Cassette, Duct and Wall Mount type indoor units and combine it with a suitable outdoor unit.
Ductless air conditioning is widespread and very comfortable. The system consists of 2 parts: an outdoor unit (compressor/condenser) and indoor air-handling unit or units. Such equipment can be installed almost everywhere and fit every interior. They are available in different designs and varying in power, but all of them provide strict temperature control in the room and spread comfort during every season.
Duct type system also available and can be combined and added into the system.
Heating or cooling, freshening or dehumidifying, a ductless air conditioner is a must-have thing. New generation climate control features are already implemented in every unit. Energy saving, powerful, reliable and quick – mini split is created to impress.

Why is air conditioning important?

Healthcare is always in the first place. You care about yourself, about your relatives, about people you love.
Stresses and disappointments affect on our life as much as cold weather or flu. Our organism is very susceptible. That’s why it’s so important to create a comfort around you and stay calm.
Climate control equipment is a chance to improve your environment, surround yourself with want you love and fell better, no matter rain or sunshine is behind the window. Quietness and relaxation is a way to healthy being and serenity. And this is where air conditioning can help you.
Set comfortable temperature and enjoy quiet operation of your climate control equipment. Don’t let the weather control your mood! Minimal sound disruption and ability to control a temperature in each room – there are privileges of mini splits.

HVAC equipment offered on our site has unique features that proved profitability and reliability. Compact size, low noise level, long-life washable filter, automatic air distribution in Swing mode, self- diagnosis of the main units, multi-level protection system, defense from the incorrect connection to the power supply, intellectual defrost and long pipeline (up to 164 ft). Duct, Console, Cassette and Wall Mount units are designed to create a comfortable climate in any space. Beautiful design forms match today modern interiors and create almost noiseless zone air conditioning.

Why Comfortside is a good choice

In Florida, New York, Virginia, Texas and in other states people just need a breath of fresh air.
Our team is always ready to help and save you from summer heat (or add warmth to cold winter). Our high-quality service cares about clients anywhere and anytime.
Brands represented on site offer high-quality climate control equipment. Cooper&Hunter and OLMO are selling in Europe, Asia, Canada, Africa and the USA. Many people all over the world trust them and already have experienced reliability and efficiency of their products. Mini split systems, Heat pumps, heaters, dehumidifiers designed for accurate and durable operation.
Please notice that installations of mini split systems must be done only by licensed HVAC equipment installers. Further operation of equipment demands entirely on the quality of installation. We advise you to choose professional installers in your region to prevent problems with installation and further operation.