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Every year more and more people decide to order goods online. It saves your time for more valuable and important thing like time spent with family or holiday with friends. Shopping in the Internet is faster and gives the fullest range of products for you to choose right on your device. is the platform, where everyone can easily choose the best HVAC equipment (air conditioners, heat pumps, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, air cleaners) for your home, office or workplace and receive the purchase as soon as possible and at a convenient time for you.

Our Advantages and Features

We encourage high standards and best quality, therefore, we offer only certified and tested climate appliances. The excellence of our products is endorsed by many clients and retailers.

Our main partners, OLMO and C&H, provide strict production control, full responsibility for the final product and precise marketing strategy that are components of companies success. Millions of people trust them. Unique programs like “Perfect product strategy” and “Global quality control” allowed them to achieve a higher quality of the equipment.

COOPER&HUNTER and OLMO equipment is manufactured in compliance with the high standards and quality requirements of the USA, Canada, and the European Union.

Our partners:

-аre members of USHP (Unitary Small Heat Pump Equipment / includes Mix-Match Coils /)

-joined certification prоgram AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute),

-have The ETL certificate that cоnfirms the compliance of products with safety and quality standards in the USA and Canada

-have  European Commission mаrking that confirms compliance with health, safety and environment specifications and allows distributing brand’s products freely in the internal market at the European Union level

-have Energy Star international standard for energy efficient cоnsumer products originated in the United States.

Brand’s air conditioners are eco-friendly and use only R-410A, which does not contain chlorine.

C&H Quality control stаndards meet the requirements of American Society of Heating Refrigerating Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), American Association of engineers for heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning.

Hi-tech I-Action INVERTER technology offered by our partners saves up to 50% of consumed electric power and extends the service period up to 10 years.

High-quality HVAC equipment

We offer a wide range of ductless mini-split systems from our best time-tested partners. Current researches gave a good base to implement innovations into the climate control equipment our shop sells. HVAC equipment from Comfortside corresponds to modern trends and technologies, making clients wishes of qualitative and durable equipment become true. Air conditioning systems offered at Comfortside provide healthy air for your needs, wherever you are. Summer heat or cold rainy day, our climate control equipment will do its best to share the best comfort with our clients everywhere in the world.

Summer Heat is not a problem anymore

The high-tech era gives us a chance to make our life better with the best climate control equipment. While comfort in our homes still the most important factor of healthy and happy life, air conditioning has a big influence on well-being and feeling. Cool fresh air provides good mood while the summer heat, making anybody feel the comfort provided by qualitative HVAC equipment.  Buy mini-split system today and enlist the support of best climate control equipment manufacturers!

We offer single and multi-zone systems that produce clean and comfortable air to your home. Also, you can choose components to improve systems or add more units (outdoor or indoor) to a multi-zone system.

Our Brands

Comfortside has brands OLMO and Cooper&Hunter as exclusive distributors. We work together for supplying clients with the best split systems, heat pumps, humidifiers, air cleaners etc.  By working with leaders, our shop is sure about the quality, delivering time, best prices and comfort using.

Cooper & Hunter International Corporation is one of the leaders in world production of HVAC equipment. The company has almost a hundred years history and provided lots of innovations. Every year consumers are offered more advanced models with new features. The product line is expanding fast.

OLMO Industries Ltd. is new generation climate control equipment manufacturer. The newest engineering developments are implemented in company’s consumer electronics. Buying OLMO equipment, you receive the product of collaborative work between the company and Japanese corporation Toshiba.