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We opened ComfortSide with the mission to care about your health, good mood and ultimate home comfort. We created a comfortable shop to adopt the places where you spend maximum of time for your coziness. Air conditioner plays a very important role in the creation of your personal home climate. Also, our Comfortside shop proposes you different well-designed HVAC parts, ductless mini split systems, multi zone systems etc. Activity of "Comfortside" aims to promote modern technologies in the field of air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems.

Attention! If you are in California, Arizona, Nevada or Texas, please contact our partner Genie Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. an exclusive distributor of Cooper&Hunter and OLMO mini-splits in those states. Genie Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc., is also an exclusive distributor of OLMO TTW, C&H Portable AC's, C&H PTAC units, and C&H residential Dehumidifiers in the whole territory of the United States.

Genie Air Conditioning & Heating Inc.

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